Veronica Everheart

Phoenix local Veronica Everheart opened for Slow Hollows at Valley Bar March 15th. Her music and stage presence can best be described as if Aubrey Plaza made music, in the best way possible. Tales of being a young woman and navigating a crazy world sung in a combination of a sort of emotional monotony and screams uttered from the depths of her soul. She watches the crowd stone faced, seemingly sunk into the place her music originates from. But when she breaks out of her performing persona and speaks with her band or the crowd, the brightest smile overtakes her face. She has a way about her on stage: unpredictable and impossible to look away from.

Slow Hollows

Slow Hollows, hailing from Los Angeles, headlined the show. Their sound is more instrumental than a lot of music out there currently, and it was actually pretty nice to hear. With a sound like that, the band has to be pretty in sync with each other. Tempo has to be correct, everyone has to be attentive to each other, and there has to be a chemistry with each band member’s musical part. Slow Hollows does it well. When lead singer Austin Feinstein does step up to the mic, his voice adds a very Wallows sounding vibe to the band.

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