It was a great time of good music at Rebel Lounge on February 28th. Significant Others and Psuedo Pink opened up for Alt-indie band Post Sex Nachos.

Opening the show was Phoenix locals Significant Others. Their music can easily be described as West Coast indie rock, featuring a lot of reverb’d groovy melodies and a style of singing you’d hear from a guy with a guitar playing on a San Diego beach (all in a good way!). Every member of the band is very talented as well, which is always a plus. It’s very obvious this band has created a local fanbase that adores them. Many members of the crowd were singing along, dancing, and getting incredibly excited when lead singer Clayton McCarthy Patterson would announce a song title they recognized.

This seemed to be a relatively more relaxed show for the band, compared to some other performances. There weren’t too many moments of crazy physicality and each member seemed to stay in their own spaces, sometimes moving to interact with each other – though not often. However, this seemed to fit the vibe of their music well.

Following them was Pseudo Pink, another Phoenix local. While talented, there isn’t much stage presence from the lead singer Zach Winters. He seems a bit nervous to be on stage (which I absolutely don’t blame him). Despite that, his style of music feels very different from many local Phoenix artists, and it’s refreshing. It’s interesting and engaging and good! You can tell Zach is trying to do something new and open up a new realm of artistry in the Phoenix scene.

Guitarist Jacob (also from local band All The Better) definitely stood out. Talk about stage presence! That kid created one of the most visually interesting performances I’ve ever seen. It’s clear he is MADE for the stage, it was incredible. He was twirling and jumping and engaging with the crowd. Throughout the performance he did a spectacular job at keeping the crowd engaged and excited.

Watching Post Sex Nachos was such a fun experience. This is clearly a band that loves what they do and enjoys each other in the process. Shows are always much more exciting when you can clearly see the artists enjoy what they do. And that is Post Sex Nachos to a tee.

Hailing from Nashville, their music is a very cool blend of alternative, rock, and pop, creating a setlist of songs that all showcase something new and all sound different. The crowd was electric, dancing and screaming and cheering the entire show. When the band wasn’t making a ‘wow this music is really good’ face (you know the one), they were all smiles. It was hard to not want to joyfully dance for every song.

It’s so easy having fun at a show when the band is having fun too. That’s exactly what it felt like at the Rebel Lounge with Post Sex Nachos.


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