Song Review: Debut Single ‘twisted play’ by Piper Connolly

A young rockstar with a mature sound, Piper Connolly has stepped on the rock n' roll scene in a big way.

Piper Connolly, a 13 year old rockstar from Phoenix, has released her new debut single “twisted play”. The song beautifully captures the feeling of escaping the confines society has on you and learning how to be who you are – a deep yet important topic for someone so young. Despite being so young, Connolly’s sound is mature, having been described as “Adderall-laden cotton candy” and compared to legends like Avril Lavigne and Paramore.

“I wrote this at a time when I was feeling really “stuck,” musically, being someone I wasn’t, just to make others happy. - Connolly on the inspiration for her debut single 'twisted play'

Connolly takes influence from early rock n’ roll and grunge and its evident in this debut. Throughout the verses she maintains a deep tonality with her voice that plays well off the rhythm of the drums. Even though she is young, her voice is rich and soulful, feeling much beyond her years. It definitely still has room to grow, but it’s evident that she will have a very full sound in years to come. The vocal layering in the song is seamless, creating an engaging and elevated listening experience. Her sounds sits within the music in a nice way, feeling almost held in the arms of the instruments.

When the chorus hits, it hits softly in a way that feels very 2000’s punk – think hard drums and building, bouncy vocals. As I listened to the song, I picked up the chorus quickly and couldn’t help but sing along on every listen. The message of the song is deep, and Connolly has done a great job at putting emotion into the music in an accessible way. It’s not a cry-in-the-car song, this is a scream and head-bang on your way to therapy song. Which is fitting, as Connolly has said she wrote this song at a time when her mental health has started to mess with her.

One of my favorite parts of the song is the contrast between the sound of the verses and the chorus. The verses have a deep and dark sound, like it is scheming. And then it builds, exploding into the chorus. While they contrast each other, it is not a dissonant contrast. It is a complimentary contrast, with everything still feeling consistent. It’s a conversation – the verses say their piece and then the chorus responds with its own.

At 13, the pressures of society are excruciating, especially as an artist. But, even as we grow, that pressure doesn’t necessarily go away. Oftentimes, things we deal with as teenagers stay with us throughout our lives. Piper Connolly, at only 13, seems to have some sort of grasp on that concept. Her music is not made for 13 year olds, it is made for everyone. ‘Twisted play’ captures that amazingly. It is a perfect debut, showcasing her mature mindset and sound. I cannot wait to hear more from her and see the growth of her potential.

Listen to ‘twisted play’ here! You can also keep up with Piper on Tiktok and on Instagram.

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