Hailing from a place with beautiful weather and great vibes, it’s easy to see how Surf Trash could make a perfect feel-good summer banger.

These boys are a classic alt/indie band. And by classic, I mean CLASSIC. Turn on any of their songs and you will hear a groovy reverb guitar against a head banging melody and catchy lyrics that are meant to be yelled. This classic sound the band has created for themselves shines through perfectly in their latest single “Healin the Feelin”.

The song jumps in immediately with an indie-rock reverb guitar that pulls you in. From the first chord, you can’t help but bop your head, at least. At most, it takes over your body and forced you to get up on your feet and dance. When the percussion kicks in, the song is immediately elevated to full blown West Coast classic indie rock. Singer Andy Scott’s vocals come in subtle and cool, bouncing with the drums in an interesting way when you listen closely. Almost like Scott is singing to the drums, which makes perfect sense when you know he’s also the drummer.

According to the band, the song is “meant to be played while throwing a frisbee on the beach, driving down the highway with your windows down”. It captures the light heartedness of summer, reminiscent of a song you’d hear in a 90’s movie beach scene. You know, the one where all the kids take a jeep to the beach and we see a montage of them playing volleyball and splashing each other? That’s what this song feels like.

Photo credit: Lachlan Mcgilvray

Simply, Surf Trash’s latest release is an incredible articulation of living a carefree, fun summer. “Healin the feelin” takes classic indie rock and strips it down, slaps it on the butt and makes it dance. It is so easy to dance to and sing along with, allowing you to listen over and over again. When summer starts to fall flat, this song picks it back up and reminds you that life doesn’t have to be so damn serious!

Their debut album The Only Place I Know will be released September 13th! You can preorder the vinyl here, and presave the album wherever you stream music here!

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