The Japanese House opening for Maggie Rogers was nothing short of stunning, incredible, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, and every other adjective for amazing you can think of. Note after note had the audience dancing and screaming and smiling from ear to ear.

The Japanese House

Opening the show was English Queer Icon Amber Bain, professionally known as The Japanese House. The best way to describe their set is simply “cool”, in every sense of the word. Bain mainly stayed put, playing their guitar in such a captivating way and with such ease. Every note was sung with such a passion – but not a sort-of loud, fiery, bursting passion. It was a passion that felt much more intimate and personal to Bain. 

All of their songs are the type of songs that almost force you to move your body, and that’s exactly what the audience was doing. They have such a melodic, groovy sound, that forces you to express yourself in whatever feels most freeing to you. I watched friends jumping around, holding hands together. I saw some people in their own little world, eyes closed and heads bobbing. The room was filled with such a loving, safe energy.

Bain sung a few of their most popular songs like “Touching Yourself”, “Saw You in a Dream” and “Boyhood” (before which they announced “This next one goes out to all the gays”). They ended strong with the crowd pleaser “Sunshine Baby”. But, the tour also got the treat of a new, unreleased song titled “Smiley Face”.

This set was such a treat, beautifully warming the crowd up for Maggie Rogers without overwhelming them. Bain told the crowd how crazy it was to see people singing along to their songs and that was an understatement. The palpable loving energy that filled the venue during their set was so beautiful to witness and experience. The setlist had something for old fans, new fans, and even those who maybe weren’t fans yet. It was a very fun way to start the show.

Maggie Rogers

Arizona Financial was absolutely taken to CHURCH when Maggie Rogers took the stage. Not only is she an incredible engaging performer, her vocals are absolutely stunning.

Rogers is one of the performers that are hard to see live because you know her music will never sound the same afterwards. From start to finish, it’s hard to not be absolutely in awe of her. She has an incredible energy on stage, looking so free and full of joy as she hops around and smiles at fans. While not necessarily a dancer, there were some small moves she did during “On & On & On” and “Never Going Home” that I can’t stop myself from doing as I listen to them now.

One of the cutest moments of the show came during “Love You For a Long Time”. The screen behind Rogers turned into a kiss cam, scanning the audience for potential lovers or besties willing to share a smooch. There were a few blushing faces alongside many excited ones, who happily and enthusiastically kissed their partners. While some opted for big ole smooches, there were some adorable cheek kisses littering the crowd as well. The venue filled with cheers and awe’s as a smiling Rogers watched from the stage and continued singing the song.

While most of the show was filled with jumping and dancing and fun, Rogers performed a couple of her sadder ballads including “Back in My Body” and a very intimate version of “I Still Do”. Before the song, Rogers’ band left the stage and she walked over to the piano alone with a single spotlight. Her fingers fluttered across the keys as she spoke to the crowd, saying she had never really played piano on stage. “It was more vulnerable than I was willing to be on stage with a group of people,” she admitted with a nervous smile punctuating it. Then, in a moment that brought tears to nearly every eye, Rogers graciously said “Thank you for holding my music and making me safe enough to do this.”

This show was one of the most fun shows I have been to. When I wasn’t gawking over Rogers insane vocal runs, I was screaming along to every word and jumping like crazy. There was so much excitement and joy in Arizona Financial, it was infectious. Rogers has a stage presence that is so free and comfortable and full of joy, that it spreads into the music. She cares deeply about what she is singing and she also cares about making sure her fans are having fun. Through and through she is full of such love and light and its flows deeply in her music and the way she performs it.

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