Asking Alexandria

On the final show of the All My Friends tour, headliner Asking Alexandria took the stage to an electric crowd. The opening song, funny enough called “Closure” immediately got the crowd going. There was crowd surfing and moshing almost immediately and you could tell the band was feeling the love. Halfway through the second song, there was an injury in the middle of the crowd. The band immediately stopped playing and brought all the lights up, directing fans to make a path for security to get through. Especially in today’s concert scene, it’s incredibly refreshing to see a band stop everything and not keep playing until they know the crowd is a safe place to be. Once the band restarted, the energy in the crowd did too and the show continued on that way until the very end.

Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire was the third opening act preceding the headliner, Asking Alexandria, at the bands final show on the All My Friends Tour, but based on the energy from the crowd, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The energy in the room as the band took the stage exploded as the band opened with Make Believe from their 2022 album Remade in Misery. From there, the constant flow of energy from the crowd and the band never subsided. Even as the band went into an older acoustic song, Miles Away, the crowd sang along at full volume and never lost momentum. The band appealed to all fans, playing songs from their more recent albums and even songs dating back to their 2011 sophomore album, The Hollow. 

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