California-natives Monét Ngo and Peach Tree Rascals made sure Valley Bar had the time of their lives on Peach Tree Rascals’ ‘For You’ tour. Throughout the entire show, the energy was vibrant and fun, both bands living it up on stage and putting on an incredible fun show.

Monét Ngo

After school has never been more fun than with daytime school teacher, nighttime indie performer Monét Ngo. With a mix of alternative, rock, r&b, and pop-punk, Ngo had something for everyone in the crowd.

His schtick, which he calls the After School Club, combined his day job of being a school teacher with his love of performing. Cheesy? A bit, but in the best way. Instead of just standing on stage and singing, Ngo created a whole new world for the audience. Each song moved the bit along. Before a few songs, a ‘loud speaker’ announcement would go off and Ngo would turn on his acting chops to become a troubled student trying to impress a girl.

The setlist included some soft-indie tracks like ‘Ruby Sparks’ and ‘Lonestar’, as well ‘Summer Wind’, and ‘Tarantula Queen’ which the crowd at Valley Bar absolutely loved.

Ngo does an amazing job at creating a performance the flows in such a fluid and fun way, never dragging or feeling boring even in the lower energy moments. He is engaging and has a overwhelming stage prescence that only contributes to the energy of the performance. The world he’s created with the After School Club brings the audience in, giving them an experience you don’t get often during concerts. It wasn’t just about the music, it was about the fun of live performances.

Peach Tree Rascals

Some of the best performances I’ve seen usually are a result of the performers not only loving what they do, but having fun doing it who they’re with. That is Peach Tree Rascals. These boys clearly love being on stage and they love making music with each other. Throughout the entire performance, it was like they were just throwing a party and the crowd was invited.

Despite how much fun they had with each other, they never left the audience out. Isaac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, and Joseph Barros spent a lot of time with the audience, whether it was encouraging them to sing along, or stealing their phone and performing to a girl on facetime.

There was jumping and twerking and dancing and so much good energy that it was infectious. It was genuinely one of the most fun shows I think I have ever been to at Valley Bar. And throughout all of this, the band sounds amazing. With all of the bright energy, it bleeds into the music as they performing, almost creating a new sound. Instead of simply sounding like the streaming version, every song comes alive in a beautiful way.

Their setlist included favorites like ‘HIGHWITCHA’, ‘I’m Sorry’, and absolute crowd pleaser ‘Mariposa’ to end the night. With all the dancing and cheering, it’s obvious fans went home with some amazing memories of this incredible show.

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