As a big fan of Local Natives and someone who has seen them live multiple times, I have to say this time it felt like no other. With the inclusion of their new album to the set list, I felt as if I was listening to a cinematic masterpiece.


To kick off the night, Uwade graced the stage by delivering an unforgettable performance that left the audience mesmerized. Known for her ethereal voice, Uwade brought a unique blend of soul, and indie sounds and created an intimate and moving experience. If you haven’t heard of Uwade, I would recommend you stop what you are doing and take a listen. Her voice hypnotized me and I found myself swaying to the music. I can say the same thing for the rest of the audiance. Her interactions with the audience were very heartfelt and genuine. The addition of Uwade to Local Native’s 2024 tour was probably the perfect choice.

Local Natives

Finally, after an incredible performance by Uwade, the boy of Local Natives took the stage kicking off their set with ‘Just Before the Morning’. The venue went insane as soon as they stepped on stage. I got the chance to interact with a couple of people in the crowd and there were local people from Tucson, folks from Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Prescott. These people drove all the way to the Rialto Theater in Tucson, AZ to see Local Natives. True fans – I gotta say.

One thing I love about watching Local Natives live is that they immerse themselves into their music and don’t just give a performance – but also an experience for everyone. Taylor, Kelcey, and Ryan have harmonious voices that collide and become a treat to the ear of those who have the opportunity to hear them live. Taylor’s stage presence is always very energetic and tends to set the mood of each song.

All albums were included on the setlist and I would have to say – it was spot on with the way each song was selected and placed in a specific order. I mentioned earlier that this show felt like listening to a cinematic film and the setlist order had a huge part in this. Listening to the new songs live made me love their new album way more. ‘Throw it in the Fire’ and ‘Alpharetta’ live is an experience of its own. To this day, I get the urge to feel the high I felt listening to those songs live.

Local Natives have placed a huge footprint on the indie music genre. The evolution of their music and the band they have become can be seen and heard on every tour and album. Whether you are a new fan or a long-time fan a Local Natives show is an experience that transcends the music, leaving you feeling uplifted and connected. If you have the chance to see them live, seize it – it’s a musical journey you won’t forget.

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