Bayside is an American punk rock band known for their emotional lyrics, powerful melodies, and energetic performances. Formed in Queens, New York, in 2000, the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Anthony Raneri, guitarist Jack O’Shea, bassist Nick Ghanbarian, and drummer Chris Guglielmo. Their music captures and explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. With a career spanning over two decades, Bayside has released several acclaimed albums, including “Bayside” (2005), “The Walking Wounded” (2007),  “Cult” (2014), and their most recent album “There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive” (2024).

We got the opportunity to experience the “There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive” Tour on April 16, 2024. The atmosphere filled with raw energy as Nashville-based Winona Fighter kicked off the show. Frontwoman Coco Kinnon‘s presence grabbed the audience’s attention with her hardcore vocals and energetic stage jumps. Trust me she can jump! The audience was vibing when they surprised us with the cover of ‘Song 2’ by Blur. The set ended with their most popular hit You Look Like A Drunk Phoebe Bridgers” – which if you haven’t heard it yet, you should because it’s a hardcore bop. It really brought the energy up. Being the first time listening to Winona Fighter, I became a fan. It was evident that Winona Fighter had left their mark as a powerhouse in the punk rock scene,  leaving their mark on all who were fortunate enough to witness their electrifying performance.

Winona Fighter

After Winona Fighter’s rocking set. We had Armor for Sleep and Finch takes the stage before the headlining, Bayside. 

Armor for Sleep and Finch

From the moment Bayside burst onto the stage, the energy in the venue was intensified. The band took us all on a ride through different waves of nostalgia with older hits like”Devotion and Desire” to newer hits like “The Devils”. I was blown away by how well the audience not only sang along to the oldies but also the new tracks from their recent album “There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive” word for word. After 24 years together the band still holds that high-level energy. Frontman Anthony Raneri’s vocals are a true representation of true punk rock and the band’s amazing performance is a true statement of their continuing legacy. 


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